Administering General Anesthesia in the office setting is very safe. M2 Anesthesia uses only up-to-date equipment, drugs and monitors.

Bad things can happen under anesthesia, but are very rare. This is one reason your child needs to adhere to the fasting guidelines.

A pre-operative visit will be done with the anesthesiologist prior to surgery and any additional questions will be answered at that time.

A common post-operative complication is a nosebleed. A breathing tube is placed through the nose and into the lungs for surgery, and the insertion of this tube may cause a small nosebleed. This will go away soon after surgery. If your child gets a nosebleed, treat it by pinching the nose for 10 minutes.

The drugs utilized are very short acting and the younger patients may wake up grumpy. This will go away approximately within 5-10 minutes of the patient waking up.

Some children develop a croup-like barking cough post-operatively. If this occurs, run a hot steamy shower and let your child inhale this air; or take your child for a walk in the cooler night air. If at any time you become concerned that this cough is getting worse, please contact Dr. Michel, or go to your local emergency room.