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For all patients, please bring any of your insurance cards (Medicaid, DSHS, Medical, Dental) to the dental office or surgery center on the day of the operation. We will make a copy of these for billing purposes.

Medicaid (DSHS / OHP):

For those patients who have Medicaid insurance, it will not be necessary to make any payment for the anesthesiologist's professional services. We will send the bill directly to Medicaid.

Payment in cash, Private Insurance:

A fixed fee must be paid on the day of service; This will be the maximum payment for which the patient is responsible.

Our office does not have any specific information regarding prior authorizations, exclusions, limitations or waiting periods that may be required by your insurance. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company.

Billed medical code: 00170

M2 Anesthesia has no contract with any insurance company, therefore, it is the office’s policy to obtain a pre-payment from you on the day of service that will be applied to the estimated charges. This is the maximum amount of expenses you must pay. We will send the bill to your dental insurance and / or medical insurance, and thus collect the remaining debt that remains to be paid. If we do not charge your insurance, we will not charge you for the rest due on the account. If, when charging, there is an excess of the total invoiced, we will proceed to give you a refund for the amount of the excess in your account. This refund, if any, will be processed in the way it was received.

Billing insurance companies can be a long and endless process that is beyond our reach (3-6 months), so please be patient. Our goal is to bill your insurance company and reimburse any difference, if you pay your bill in full. We make no guarantee that your insurance company will pay; This is a contractual benefit between you and your insurance company.

Way to pay:

M2 Anesthesia accepts: cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Care Credit.